March 1, 7:30 pm The Conscious Baby Emerges: The New Story of Human Development with Kate White and Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Monday LIVE! Lectures:

March 5, Tour of the Classroom

March 12: Prenatal Bonding Through Sai Shakti Mantra Meditation: How to Birth Conscious Children with Nina Ketscher

March 19: Prenatal Bonding with Michael Mendizza, especially featuring the Touch the Future Academy

March 26:  Somatic Tools for PPN Educators: Understanding the Birth Sequence with Kate White

Special: March 25, 2 pm FREE showing of the In Utero Film and facilitated discussion afterwards

See full descriptions of these events here.

Prenatal Bonding: How to Birth Conscious Children
with Nina Ketscher
Join us for this Monday Live Lecture, March 12 @ 9am PDT,  noon eastern time.
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Thank You For Celebrating Birth Psychology Month 2018!

"Over the past few years, APPPAH's birth psychology resources and materials have grown to meet a worldwide demand for information and education," shares Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH's immediate past president.  "We are happy to designate March as Birth Psychology Month and to gather these resources and special events into one place to share with our members and supporters."  

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"The mothers I work with are considered at risk and under-served. Most do not have support, live at or below the poverty level, are often homeless or living in transitional housing. Pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting are often stressful times in their life. I learned so much in your Birth Psychology course regarding the effects of mother's stress on the baby and how to support young mothers. I now work very hard concentrating on teaching stress reduction techniques and helping mothers engage and attach to their unborn and newborn baby. I am forever changed as a professional and can't adequately express the gratitude I feel having received a scholarship to help women and families."

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Our Misson

APPPAH's nonprofit mission is to educate professionals and the public, worldwide, that a baby’s experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong consequences for individuals, families, and society. As a result of scientific discoveries and continually emerging evidence, we know babies are

conscious and sentient beings. 

Meet Our Community Members

Dennis Hertensetin is currently President of the APPPAH Board.  Other Voices of APPPAH:

  • Thomas Verny: Co-Founder of APPPAH
  • Ray Castellino: PPN Practitioner, Creator of the Womb Surround Method
  • Karen Strange: Midwife and Creator/Instructor in Integrative Neonatal Resuscitation 
  • Mary Jackson: Midwife, PPN Practitioner and Trainer in the Castellino Method
  • Kate White: Director and Co-Director of Department of Education, Educator and Practitioner
  • Jeane Rhodes: Editor of the APPPAH Journal and Administrator
  • Wendy Anne McCarty: Prenatal and perinatal pyschology pioneer, practitioner, educator, and mentor

The Lives We Impact

Birth Psychology Month - March 2018

An Educational Awareness Initiative of the
Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, APPPAH

APPPAH is proud to announce a collaboration with In Utero filmmakers, Kathleen and Stephen Gyllenhaal, and Kindred Media and Community to create a powerful and practical In Utero Film Discussion and Resource Guide.

After a wildly successful year of international film festivals, awards and translation into ten languages, In Utero was released for on demand viewing in October 2016. Audiences quickly arranged home, university and clinic screenings, eager to discover and discuss the film’s cinematic and epic journey through the revelation that “womb ecology becomes world ecology.”  It now has its own website.

Read full press release and find out more about the film guide, which is being translated into multiple languages at this time.

Prenatal Bonding How to Birth Conscious Children Free Online

Birth Psychology: Every Baby Tells A Story with Dennis Hertenstein, DC, APPPAH's President

What Is Birth Psychology Month?


Featured Birth Psychology Month 2018 Events

FREE In Utero Film Discussion and Resource Guide

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Featured Birth Psychology Month 2018 Resources

Birth Psychology Month is celebrated in March, a month of spring and rebirth for the Northern Hemisphere.  We invite you to share the resources on this site to celebrate this month with your professional networks, parent support groups and family. Click here to find free resources to share. See the list of live and free events above, as well

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