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Monday LIVE! FREE Lectures: Part of the Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate Program

  • ​March 4, Tour of the Classroom
  • March 11: Prenatal Bonding and Learning with Rebecca Thompson Hitt
  • March 18: Learning and Bonding In Utero with Susan Highsmith
  • March 25:  The Family Field: A Model and Practice For Intergenerational Healing with Mia Kalef
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Become Perinatal Trauma Informed with the Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate Program

Perinatal Trauma Informed Practice Panel

A FREE Lecture Series with Experts in Perinatal Trauma and Healing

  • March 4: Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice and the Trauma Sensitive Perinatal Intake

  • March 11: Working with Preconception in Marginalized Populations and Trauma Sensitivity with LGBTQ Families
  • March 18: Perinatal Trauma Informed Practices
  • March 25: Trauma and Attachment, and Trauma Informed Practice from the Baby's Perspective
  • April 1: Application of Trauma Sensitive Practice in Midwifery Model of Care and Promoting Resilience​

"I feel like I'm in heaven with all this wonderful material and of course I run down every rabbit hole that glints at me. I've already learnt so much and read so many peoples' work that I was not aware of such as Stephen Porges with his Polyvagal Theory.
A lot has been coming up in memories too as well as my anxieties I felt in births that were intervened in and the way babies are handled in resus etc. Reading all this soul food gives me greater confidence in what I have thought, felt and practiced where I used to feel the weird one standing out."
~ Vearle Avni, PPNE student, South Africa

Birth Psychology Month/Perinatal Trauma-Informed Practice Panel - March 2019

Prenatal Bonding How to Birth Conscious Children Free Online

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Creating Safety: Understanding Early Trauma Resolution and Resilience 

A Somatics Course for Prenatal and Perinatal Educators

APPPAH has made a commitment to promote ways for prenatal and perinatal educators and professionals to create safety in their work. Our 2018-2019 Online Somatics Course is Creating Safety: Understanding Early Trauma Resolution and Resiliency. Click here to discover more.

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"The first tool kit of the Conscious Baby Program is a real tour de force. Kate White packs a wealth of information and scholarship into her presentation. . She has done the heavy lifting and  delivered  a finely distilled explanation of the history of pre and post natal psychology along with delineation of therapeutic advances relevant to the field. There are also practical exercises for facilitators and the potential audience to safely ground into a physiologic state conducive to healing. Bravo maestro. Well done." ~ Dr. Kathleen Friend, Arizona, PPNE student

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