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Bringing Birth Psychology Into The World: An Interview With Sandra Bardsley, APPPAH President.  A downloadable interview and transcript.

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Read Birth Psychology Features by Contributing Editor, Kate White, and others on the alternative media and nonprofit initiative, Kindred, here.

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Babies Remember Pain, by David Chamberlain, PhD, birth psychology pioneer, author of Windows to the Womb and co-founder of APPPAH.  Babies have been crying at birth for centuries but we have been reluctant to accept their cries as valid expressions of pain which will register in memory. Despite mounting evidence, the characteristic reaction of psychologists and medical practitioners to infant pain has been one of denial. Key myths about the brain have provided the rationale for painful procedures. Against this background, studies of the infant cry prove that crying is meaningful communication. Examples of prenatal and perinatal cries are examined. Evidence for the pain of circumcision is found in personal memories and research findings. A final section focuses on pain in the NICU, the delivery room, and the nursery and concludes with an appeal that all painful procedures imposed on newborns be reconsidered.

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Babies Remember: A Birth Story, by Wendy Langshaw.   A mother shares the true story of her daughter remembering her birth experience.

What Is Birth Psychology?


"The Principles" An Interview With Ray Castellino, by Kate White.  Featured in the JOPPPAH issue, Spring 2013.

The Blueprint: Our Unifying Potential for Connection and Wholeness

In this unique video interview with internationally renown baby whisperer, Ray Castellino, viewers discover the “Blueprint” or the unifying field we all carry with us as a “reference point” for returning home to ourselves, especially after trauma, or just the daily experience of living in an industrial culture. Castellino begins by moving into the broader understanding of the Blueprint, with its natural resonances and rhythms, and how this awareness supports parents wishing to connect with their babies, especially babies who are finding challenges in birth recovery or breastfeeding. The insights Castellino presents are profound, but practical.


Creating “Harmonic Family Resonance” With Birth Psychology: An Interview With Baby Whisperer, Ray Castellino, DC. A downloadable podcast and transcript.

When Does Parenting Begin? By David B. Chamberlain, PhD.  "Considering all we know today about the realities of life before birth, we must appropriately reset the clock on parenthood. The womb is no longer a dark, secret place. We know it is not an isolation tank! What goes on in there for nine months is the ceaseless molding and shaping of the whole baby—a collaboration between baby and parents."

An Interview With IN UTERO Filmmaker, Kathleen Gyllenhaal.  This interview with the documentary filmmaker includes a downloadable podcast and transcript, as well as a peek at the trailer for the new film, which is still making its rounds in film festivals in 2016.  

View a complete list of birth psychology books here.

In Utero’s mission is to present “a cinematic rumination on what will emerge as the most provocative subject of the 21st Century – life in the womb and its lasting impact on human development, human behavior, and the state of the world.” As the filmmakers share in their Kindred interview from October 2016, In Utero “outlines the problem” facing humanity by presenting 50 years of diverse fields of science that, independent of one another, all arrive at one conclusion: Womb Ecology Becomes World Ecology.  


Showing of the In Utero Film Sunday, March 25, 2 pm Eastern time.  Register here.

APPPAH Birth Psychology Articles.  A treasure trove of free articles covering a variety of birth psychology issues by a wide diversity of authors.  

The Conscious Baby is a free content curated e-newspaper featuring headlines, studies and articles on birth psychology.  The e-paper is delivered to your inbox monthly.  Your email is not shared, ever.

Kindred Media Birth Psychology PDF.  A guide created for APPPAH's 19th International Congress, this PDF flyer features the best articles, videos and interviews on birth psychology on the alternative media and nonprofit initiative's website.

Why Babies Remember and What Parents and Practitioners Need To Know, with Kate White and Myrna Martin. A helpful outline of birth psychology insights and tips for what parents can do.

Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens, by Michel Odent.  A Book Review by Kerri Francis, MA, CD.

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