• Come find out more during the opening talk March 1, 2018 at 7:30 pm, The Conscious Baby Emerges: The New Story of Human Development with Kate White and Rebecca Thompson Hitt.
  • Are you curious about the new Conscious Baby Program for Parents™?  Our outline is here.
  • We have created a new awareness tool for understanding the baby's experience: the Adverse Early Experiences questionnaire and Resiliency score. Take it online here.

The Conscious Baby E-Newspaper

The Conscious Baby is an electronic "newspaper" featuring news emerging from the world of birth psychology. TCB is a monthly online publication and free to the public.  You can have the newsletter version delivered to your inbox for free by subscribing, but it is not necessary to subscribe to visit TCB.

This nonprofit initiative of APPPAH serves to provide the public, practitioners and parents for inspiration from the world of birth psychology, as well as context and visibility for the dynamic and emerging field.

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